Kim Kelln, M.Sc., P.Eng.

Io Software Consultants, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Telephone: (403) 830-5983
Last Updated: 5 December 2022

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Kim Kelln is a data architect, data modeler and data analyst, contributing expertise to a broad spectrum of businesses since 1983. He has been instrumental in delivering effective and practical solutions to satisfy all of his customers' needs as they have evolved over the years. Kim's clients have included many of the major oil and gas operators, both upstream and downstream, service companies and data vendors. He has also designed information systems for business and engineering domains as diverse as electrical generation, transmission and distribution, rail transportation, and retail data management. Kim is recognized for his capabilities in information and data architecture, analysis, modeling, quality and integration, and for his background, knowledge and understanding of industry standard data models such as the Public Petroleum Data Model (PPDM), the ARTS Retail Operational Data Model, and the Common Information Model (CIM) for electric utilities.

Kim is a registered Professional Engineer (Lifetime P.Eng.) in the province of Alberta.


Dates Company
January 2022 - Present PG&E
Sub-contract: Xtensible
Asset Knowlege Management, Data Quality
Business Data Analyst
Kim is direct, technical support for the business lead for the Asset Knowledge Management Group, providing strategic initiative domain support and analysis in the context of data management objectives, including modeling and architectural best practices, data quality processes and analytics. He is currently acting as the technical business data steward supporting Electric Operations business data stewards and subject matter experts in the identification and development of metadata and data quality rules for Critical Data Elements within the nine defined asset types.

April - December 2021 JEA
Sub-contract: Xtensible
JEA Information Model, Asset 360, Measurement Management
Data Architect, Modeler and Analyst
Providing part-time architectural, analytical, and modeling support related to enhancement of the JEA Information Model to support additional data scope and to address gaps in the current model and business processes, and for the measurement management solution recommendations for JEA’s Asset 360 Project.

February - April 2021 American Electric Power
Sub-contract: Xtensible
T Nexus Integration Program
Data Architect, Modeler and Analyst
Providing architectural, analytical and modeling support for the integration of network model and make it available across all systems in real time.

December 2017 to March 2020 Exelon Corp
Sub-contract: Xtensible
Exelon Utilities (EU) Analytics Program
Data Architect, Modeler and Analyst
The EU Analytics (formerly Business Intelligence / Data Analytics) program is a multi-phase project that will "maximize available information and trends to improve operations and overall customer experience." The project roughly comprised three main components - raw ingestion, Data Access Platform (DAP) and the analytics engine(s). Kim worked with the Xtensible team on the DAP component for two of the phases of this project. The DAP integrates the content sourced from disparate systems (e.g. OMS, IRS, Asset Suite, Cascade, ARC/GIS) and from each of the six utilties comprising Exelon. The first phase addressed the key use cases that support network connectivity. The second phase developed capabilities around outage prediction and response efficiencies, including assessment of overall asset health. The DAP structure was based on the CIM industry standard data model, with extensions to support specific business and data science use cases.

January 2015 to June 2017 Transcanada
Sub-contract: S.i. Systems
GIS Replacement Program
Data Analyst
Kim was brought in to take responsibility for the a number of research and analysis sub-projects. Three of the sub-projects were corporate wide assessments of GIS quality factors, GIS replacement dependencies, and socialization of new paradigms for linear measurement in the GIS.

September 2014 to December 2014 Devon Energy
Sub-contract: Noah Consulting
PPDM v3.8 Migration
PPDM Data Architect / Analyst
Kim was the PPDM data analyst expert for the current deployment phase of the Devon PPDM v3.8 migration project.

April 2014 to September 2014 Mark's
Sub-contract: Cadeon Associates
Single Source of Truth (Phase I)
Data Analyst
Providing data analyst support for the end of phase I of the Single Source of Truth project, including (mostly) troubleshooting issues with the quality of the source data content and the proper migration into the ARTS-based data vault repository.

October 2013 to December 2013 ConocoPhillips
Sub-contract: Noah Consulting
Eagle Ford PPDM Data Warehouse
Data Architect, PPDM SME
PPDM expertise, data architecture and detailed data mapping for the Eagle Ford PPDM data warehouse project.

June 2013 to July 2013 Devon Energy
Sub-contract: Noah Consulting
Asset Management (GHG Reporting)
Business Analyst, Data Architect
Providing business analysis and data architecture services during the assessment phase of an asset management strategy needed to support new GHG reporting requirements.

June 2012 to June 2013 Groundswell Group Inc. Cenovus DMS Managed Service
Data Architect
Data architecture and subject matter expertise in support of projects initiatied by the DMS group at Cenovus. The projects related to moving content into and out of the Cenovus data warehousing systems - EDW and FIS. The major project was the upgrade for the new Wellview and Siteview versions.

August 2011 to May 2012 Husky Energy
Sub-contract: InSync Systems
Saskatchewan Registry Conversions
Data & data integration architect
Data and data integration architecture, business analysis and sub-project coordination related to the UWI and facility identifier conversions arising from the switch by the Saskatchwan Government to the Petroleum Registry for regulatory reporting purposes.

January 2011 to June 2011 Transalta Utilities
Sub-contract: Noah Consulting
Common Data Access Release II
Data architect
Data architecture services related to trouble shooting and warranty for the first release of the program, and related to fine tuning and enhancement of existing data management algorithms, processes and procedures, especially for the Estimated Gross Margin calculation data set and engine.

July 2010 to December 2010 Transalta Utilities
Sub-contract: Noah Consulting
Common Data Access Release 1
Data architect
Data architecture services in support of the modeling, design and deployment of the common data access operational data store and information delivery layer.

March 2010 to June 2010 Transalta Utilities
Sub-contract: Noah Consulting
Common Data Access Assessment
Data architect
Data architecture services related to the assessment of data readiness and conceptualization of a common data access repository and information delivery warehouse for operational data, including production, availability, maintenance, facilities and human resources.

December 2009 to February 2010 Nexen Inc.
Sub-contract: Noah Consulting
Strategy & Architecture Assessment
Data architect
Data architecture services in support of Noah's Strategy and Architecture Assessment of Nexen's Information Management Improvement Initiative.

Prior to 2010 Io Software Consultants Numerous
Data architect, data modeler, data analyst, sofware engineer
Numerous information systems and turnkey applications in multiple domains.


1997   American Society for Quality
Certified Software Quality Engineer (Re-certified 2004, Lapsed in 2007)
1981   Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta
Professional Engineer (Lifetime, Non-practicing)


1981   Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Specialization: Structural Engineering
University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1976   Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, With Distinction
University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Association of Professional Engineers and Geolscientists of Alberta ( A.P.E.G.A.)


Languages: PL/SQL, SQL
Databases: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Palantir Foundry
Tools: ER Studio, Enterprise Architect
Models: PPDM, PODS, CIM, ARTS, Data Vault